Timber Frame Manufactures of Mobile Homes and Static Caravans

Welcome to Self Build Timber Frame Limited, based in the U.K. We manufacture kit build houses in the form of timber frame buildings and also offer a specialist service in the manufacture and complete construction of large caravans, mobile homes, park homes and log cabins. Unlike commercial manufacturers of mobile homes that make caravans in a factory, we often build mobile homes directly on-site, in two divisable sections, which is good if you've got limited access or want a better quality build.

Our mobile homes aren't like the imported log cabin kits with the slot together logs, our buildings are made from timber frame panels, just like new build houses and clad externally with a variety of finishes including render, cedar, larch and render boarding. Internally the buildings are plaster boarded and painted like a normal house and fully insulated. As a finished unit they have a lifespan of any convention new build home, over 100 years.

Timber Frame Builders with kit build options

Garden lodges, granny annexes and twin unit mobile homes are for sale in kit build form or fully finished. We build these buildings on your building plot or often in the garden of an existing residence.

Our mobile homes and caravans come with the same amount of insulation as you'd find in a convention new build home, making them entirely suitable for year round occupation. We deliver across England and Wales, with show homes in the Southeast, Southwest, Wales and Midlands. Just give us a call or sketch out a design and email it though for a basic price, specification and free drawing.

Please see below some of our builds around the UK:

Discover Self Build Timber Frame Limited: Pioneers in Timber Frame Mobile Homes and Static Caravans in the UK

Nestled in the heart of the UK's innovative construction landscape, Self Build Timber Frame Limited emerges as a beacon of excellence in the realm of timber frame manufacturing. Specialising in the bespoke creation of kit build houses, our portfolio extends to the comprehensive fabrication and assembly of timber frame buildings, large caravans, mobile homes, park homes, and log cabins. Our approach is distinctly tailored, diverging from the conventional methods employed by commercial mobile home manufacturers. At Self Build Timber Frame Limited, we prioritise on-site construction, especially for mobile homes crafted in two divisible sections, ensuring accessibility and superior build quality even in locations with restricted access.

Our craftsmanship redefines the mobile home experience. Moving away from the traditional slot-together log cabins that saturate the market, our creations are forged from timber frame panels, mirroring the structural integrity of contemporary new build homes. This method not only provides a robust framework but also allows for a versatile range of external claddings such as render, cedar, larch, and render boarding. Inside, each building is finished to perfection with plasterboard and paint, akin to any modern residential property, and boasts full insulation. The result is a sustainable living solution with a lifespan comparable to any conventional new build home, extending beyond a century.

Timber Frame Builders Offering Kit Build Options

At Self Build Timber Frame Limited, we understand the unique needs of our clients, offering both kit build options and fully finished solutions. Whether you're envisioning a garden lodge, a granny annexe, or a twin unit mobile home, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life on your building plot or within the garden of an existing home. Our dedication to quality ensures that each mobile home and caravan is equipped with the same level of insulation found in new build homes, making them ideal for comfortable living throughout the year.
We take pride in our national reach, delivering across England and Wales with a presence of show homes strategically located in the Southeast, Southwest, Wales, and Midlands. Our commitment to accessibility and client satisfaction is reflected in our transparent process – simply reach out with a call or send us your design ideas via email for an initial quote, specifications, and complimentary drawings.

Explore our diverse builds across the UK and witness the intersection of tradition and innovation. At Self Build Timber Frame Limited, we don't just construct buildings; we craft homes with heart, durability, and an unwavering commitment to quality. Discover the future of timber frame mobile homes and static caravans with us, where every project is a step towards sustainable, comfortable living tailored to your dreams.

Revolutionising UK Gardens with Mobile Home and Static Caravan Kits: A Self-Builders' Dream

In the picturesque landscapes of the UK, an innovative trend is reshaping the concept of garden space utilisation. Mobile home and static caravan kits, meticulously crafted by industry leaders, are offering self-builders and developers an unprecedented opportunity to enhance their properties without the hassle of planning permissions. This movement is not just about adding living space; it's about creating versatile, comfortable, and sustainable environments that complement the natural beauty of British gardens.

Tailored Solutions for Gardens: Beyond Traditional Boundaries

The concept of placing mobile homes and static caravans in gardens isn't new, but the approach to design, sustainability, and utility has evolved dramatically. These kits are designed with precision and care, focusing on the needs of those looking to extend their living space without the complexities of traditional construction. Whether for a serene garden office, a cozy granny annexe, or a luxurious guest house, these structures are redefining the functionality of garden spaces across the UK.

For self-builders and developers, these kits represent a golden opportunity to embark on a project that is both manageable and rewarding. The absence of planning permission requirements for certain types of these structures means projects can move forward swiftly, reducing timelines and allowing for immediate enjoyment of the new space.