News – Kit Build Log Cabin Mobile Home Details and Prices

Whether you’re buying for your own enjoyment or as an investment, Norwegian Log holiday lodges offer stylish comfort with low running costs all year round. Attractive and versatile, their classic Scandinavian design harmonises with any environment and makes them delightfully easy to live in – and let, if you wish.
Norwegian Log holiday homes offer rewarding opportunities for site operators. First, these attractive cabins and lodges have the distinctive ‘wow’ factor for visitors that other solutions often lack. Combine that with low maintenance and running costs, and the high level of natural insulation that log offers, and you have everything you need for premium pricing, higher occupancy and extended seasons.
Your second home or holiday lodge – whether it’s for your own enjoyment or as an investment – may be a dream that’s hard to fulfil. Cottages in open countryside are not only hard to find and costly, but could even be more expensive than your main home to maintain. Norwegian Log offers a realistic alternative: a low-maintenance solid log holiday cabin.

Norwegian Log’s wide range of transportable homes offers rewarding opportunities for leisure developers. The attractive, low visual impact designs enhance any site, helping to attract and retain discerning visitors, while the solid log combines high performance with low maintenance and running costs.
You only need brick or concrete block piers, or a post foundation, so the whole process from ordering to occupancy is quick, simple and economical.
Why replace caravans every few seasons when you could enhance your site (and profitability) with solid log homes like these? Whether you need 1 or 100+ units, Norwegian Log has the range and capacity to satisfy your requirements.

Perhaps you need a comfortable home – or second home – for yourself or family members. Or you’re a rural employer wanting to attract and retain good workers where accommodation is scarce or of low quality.
A Norwegian Log transportable home is the exciting alternative to a caravan when you want to replace an existing mobile home or you have permission to site one.
Inside, your new solid log home is cosy and light, with the flexible spaces that modern living demands. And all Norwegian Log transportable homes have low external visual impact, which makes them ideal for environmentally sensitive areas.
Your new home will be manufactured to your specific requirements, yet the process is so efficient that you could be moving in just weeks from placing your order.