News – Log Cabin Kit Build Mobile Homes

These Log Mobile Homes or Park homes bear no resemblance to the basic caravans used in the early days.

The outer walls of our homes are thicker than most containing more insulation, retaining more heat in the winter and keeping the building cooler in the summer.

These Park homes are manufactured to a very high quality specification and are designed for retirement, second homes and young first time buyers; these are spaciously designed and attractively built.

Park Homes are ideal for owners who prefer not to have those high repair bills often encountered with conventional houses. This makes them ideal for second home owners or retired people.

Park homes provide an excellent opportunity for young people to get on the housing ladder, as they are affordable and can be designed to your requirements.

These Mobile Park Homes are constructed either from solid gluelam square profiled logs or on a strong timber frame compete with insulation onto a steel chassis, they have superior insulation and weatherproofing, making these homes extremely comfortable and energy efficient.

These are ideal for the private purchaser, holiday camp owner, fishing lake operator or farmers and growers needing student accommodation or wishing to diversify into holiday accommodation.A good home provides a basis for good life. Log houses radiates warmth and naturalness. It is a place for activities, rest and relaxation. A place where you can gather strength for work. Both eye and mind can rest on a beautiful and durable log house.

A log house has a very special feel to it. You will feel at home already in the hallway. Is that freshly baked bread you can smell from the kitchen? And the blaze of the fireplace adds more warmth to the atmosphere. Every now and then it is nice to invite some friends over for a visit adjust see how much they enjoy. More than anything, log houses radiates well-being. You will live amidst a grand display of Finnish nature: light and luxury, scents and good spirits.

You and your family are best experts to say in which kind of a house you want to live. We are open for all thought and ideas, no matter what is included in your building plan. You know how you want to live – we know how to make your dreams come true. Thanks to the flexible production you can design and build just the kind of lasting happiness you want.

You can start planning your lasting happiness right away. The superior quality of our laminated log houses is based on professional know-how and durable laminated logs. The log builders have drawn on their world-famous experience in design to ensure that these houses are pleasant to live in, and have kept your family’s well being in mind. In addition to skilled and personal service you can rely on us offering leading market quality at an affordable price. We are not content with our customers being satisfied. We want them to be happy.

No matter where you decide to build your lasting happiness, in the city or by the lake, use our web site to acquire ideas for your dreams of a home where lasting happiness lives.