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Nil-rated certificate: background and guide to completing the certificate

It is not compulsory for every new home to be built to the Code. However, from 1 May 2008 it will be compulsory for every new home in England to have a rating against the Code and for information on this rating to be provided to prospective purchasers through the HIP. Please note that the new regulations for providing for mandatory ratings does not apply to properties (individual or as part of an ongoing development) where the initial notice, full plans or Building Notice have been received by the relevant Local Authority Building Control body prior to 1st May 2008. This rating will make it clear whether the home has been built to the Code or not, and if it has, what standard it has achieved.

To facilitate this, from 1 May 2008, the HIP will either have to contain;

a certificate (or interim certificate) showing the rating that the home has received in respect of the Code
a nil-rated certificate showing that the home has only been designed to meet current Building Regulations.

Where a home has been built to the Code, a Code certificate showing the star rating will be available from the licensed Code assessor who carried out the assessment. Where the home has not been built to the Code, the nil-rated certificate, provided free of charge here, can be downloaded, completed and included in the HIP.

Completing the Nil-rated Certificate

The nil-rated certificate is available to download here. There are three areas on the forms that will need to be completed before a certificate can be included in the HIP:

the address
the developer’s name
the date the certificate was produced
To complete and download a copy of the Nil-rated certificate please visit the link below:

Code Nil-rated certificate

Please note you will be able to carry out normal Word functions such as mail merging (in the three allowable fields).